Eatify lets you eat The Dancing Foodie meals by getting the ingredients delivered right to your door!

Eatify makes home cooking easy.

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Get the ingredients for The Dancing Foodie meals delivered straight to your door. You pick the meals – we’ll take care of the rest.

Eatify makes home cooking easy.

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Spend less time figuring out what’s for dinner and wandering the aisles at your grocery store. Spend more time doing things you love.

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Cooking dinner doesn’t have to be stressful. Eatify removes the burden of recipe search and shopping, making cooking easy and fun again!


“I rarely have the time to figure out what to make for dinner so I found myself eating out a lot or getting delivery, which cost a ton and isn’t healthy. I love how I can now just flip through pictures of meals from my favorite instagrammer, pick the ones that look good, and then get the ingredients delivered straight to my door!”

Lisa H.

Oakland, CA

“Between work, the gym, and friends, I have little time to dedicate to my nutrition, but it’s still important to me. It now takes me seconds to find healthy meals to cook for the week that match my lifestyle. Plus, getting the ingredients delivered straight to my door is awesome – couldn’t be easier!”

Alex T.

San Francisco, CA

“I love cooking new meals but sifting through the internet for recipes is so time consuming. With Eatify, it’s all brought to my fingertips and in seconds I have new meals to cook and the ingredients scheduled to arrive at my house when convenient for me!”

Jeannette T.

Palo Alto, CA